Health Benefits Of Wearing Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are devices that patients wear in their shoes for the correction of foot alignment problems. During the creation of custom orthotics, your podiatrist will assess your health condition, height, and weight, then identify the ideal orthotic material and the right flexibility or rigidity of the material. Then, the podiatrist forms a 3D mold of your feet and uses the impression to make a perfect fit for your feet and condition. Here are the health benefits of wearing custom foot orthotics.

Joint Protection

As you walk or run, your feet support your entire body weight, and your joints carry all this pressure. Your joints may wear down with time since the actual pressure is usually more than your weight. Thus, you may start experiencing joint pain or inflammation, particularly if you're overweight or have flat feet.

Fortunately, custom orthotics offer feet support, cushion your feet against body force, and spread the pressure evenly throughout the foot surface. Hence, orthotics preserve your joints against damage.

Athletic Performance Improvement

Wearing custom orthotics lowers the impact that your feet feel when carrying out vigorous activities such as running. Thus, the orthotics protect your feet against injury and enhance performance by facilitating easy foot movement. Also, orthotics increase your body's balance through even distribution of your body weight across body parts.

Further, orthotic devices soak up the shock and reduce muscle exhaustion. Thus, consider getting custom orthotics specific to the physical activities or sport you undertake for improved performance.

Foot Support Provision

Custom orthotics reinforce your feet and offer the stability you need while working, moving about, or standing. The orthotics support your feet perfectly and help relieve pain from foot conditions like high or collapsed arches. These conditions usually throw your body off balance, increasing falling risks that may potentially cause injury.

Pain Relief

Misalignment of your feet may occur due to conditions like arthritis, and the conditions may cause pain mainly in the joints. The misalignment usually causes your knees, spine, and ankles to strain, and you may experience severe pain as your body tries to balance out the misalignment. Custom orthotics can help with foot misalignments, eliminating body strain and pain.

Injury Prevention

Your feet experience immense pressure as you move, especially on a hard surface, and you may get a foot injury over time. Luckily, custom orthodontics come in handy in preventing injuries such as torn tendons by providing reinforcement for your feet and absorbing the excess pressure exerted on your feet.

Custom orthotics help relieve pain, prevent injuries, support your feet, protect your joints, and boost athletic performance. Consider getting orthotics to enjoy these benefits. 

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