How To Take Care Of Your Peeling Feet

If your feet are peeling, it's usually due to athlete's foot. Although your feet can be peeling due to other things as well, including excess moisture in your feet, without the pain and burning that athlete's foot gives, this is the most common reason. Peeling feet can be treated, and in fact they should be treated immediately to prevent the condition from worsening and leading to infections. Read on for information to help you take care of your peeling feet.

Keep Your Feet Dry

If you do have excess moisture, from sweating or otherwise, your feet will end up peeling. To prevent this, keep your feet dry and clean. This may require you to change your socks frequently throughout the day, or you may need to use a powder to keep your feet dry as well. Sprinkle the powder on your feet and in your shoes, and change your socks often. Be sure to wear breathable socks and shoes to keep your feet from getting too sweaty. When you get out of the shower or bath, make sure you dry your feet completely.

Kill The Athlete's Foot

If you suspect you have athlete's foot, and you have the burning and itching in addition to the peeling around the toes, you should kill the athlete's foot. Use a powder or a spray to help kill this fungus. Be sure to clean your bathtub/shower often and wash your socks in hot water to kill bacteria from the fungus. Also, be sure to spray your shoes or replace them altogether if they are old and worn out. When showering or using the locker room at the gym, make sure that you are always wearing shoes of some sort on your feet to prevent spreading (or getting) this fungus.

Heal Your Feet

To help heal the peeling of your feet, it's important not to pick at them. You could end up harming your feet and causing a sore. Instead, use a pumice stone to slough off the peeling and dead skin and to soften your feet. You can also use a foot file along with some lotion to both soften and remove peeling skin. When finished, dry your feet thoroughly and wear breathable socks. If your feet are very dry and peeling, use a foot lotion on your feet to hold in the moisture and prevent peeling and cracking.

If you aren't sure why your feet are peeling, seek help from a podiatrist. The podiatrist can determine the problem and will be able to treat them properly so they can heal.