How To Take Care Of Your Peeling Feet

If your feet are peeling, it's usually due to athlete's foot. Although your feet can be peeling due to other things as well, including excess moisture in your feet, without the pain and burning that athlete's foot gives, this is the most common reason. Peeling feet can be treated, and in fact they should be treated immediately to prevent the condition from worsening and leading to infections. Read on for information to help you take care of your peeling feet. Read More 

Peroneal Tendonitis? Symptoms And Treatment Tips

The peroneal tendons are two tendons that run down the outside of the ankle and then down beneath the foot towards the arch of the foot. The other part of the tendon runs to the outside of the foot where it attaches to the bone. This tendon can stretch or tear easily leaving you with pain or inflammation. If you are active, you may have had experience with this type of injury. Read More