Peroneal Tendonitis? Symptoms And Treatment Tips

The peroneal tendons are two tendons that run down the outside of the ankle and then down beneath the foot towards the arch of the foot. The other part of the tendon runs to the outside of the foot where it attaches to the bone. This tendon can stretch or tear easily leaving you with pain or inflammation. If you are active, you may have had experience with this type of injury. Read More 

The Ankle Bone’s Connected To The…What Now? Complications Of Ankle Replacement Surgery Discussed

Your foot is comprised of dozens of tiny bones, just like your hands. Your ankles, however, are not like your wrists. The ankles are only comprised of three bones. Unfortunately, your ankles work even harder than your wrists because of the human need to walk and run. When something goes awry with your ankles, walking becomes impossible. Here is a short anatomy lesson on the human ankle, how it operates, and complications of ankle replacement surgery. Read More 

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the outside of the big toe. Bunions occur when the big toe pushes against the surrounding toes, causing the joint of the big toe to become more prominent until a bunion forms. Surgery is one option to alleviate suffering from your bunion. Read on to learn a few things you didn't know about bunion surgery. 1. The Procedure May Require Only Local Anesthesia Read More 

Why Your Podiatrist Prefers Home Pedicures

While most men and women know they should see a podiatrist, or foot doctor, if they have foot or ankle pain, you might overlook one major reason to see a foot specialist: skin issues. Between ingrown toenails, fungus, and infections you can easily pick up from a nail salon, your dedicated foot specialist would generally rather have you do your own pedicures at home. Read below to learn about some of the dangers of nail salons and why you might want to consider caring for your feet at home. Read More 

The Pain In Your Heel Could Be From A Bone Spur

Heel pain is a bothersome condition because it hurts with every step you take. One cause of heel pain is a heel spur. Not all spurs are painful, and when they do hurt, it isn't the spur that hurts, but the tissue that surrounds it. Here's a look at what causes heel spurs and treatments that help relieve the pain. What Causes A Heel Spur A heel spur is a growth on the bottom of your heel bone. Read More