4 Treatment Strategies for Killing Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a notoriously difficult problem to remedy. Not only can your nails become unsightly, but in severe cases, the nail can crumble from the nail bed and the surrounding tissue may become infected. Fortunately, there are several strategies to eliminate nail fungus. Topical Treatments One of the major treatments for nail fungus is to use topical medications to kill fungus. Since topical medications can take time to penetrate the nail and reach the fungus, this strategy can take more than a year before the effects are noticeable. Read More 

Three Mistakes That Can Worsen A Runner’s Stress Fracture

Stress fractures in the foot are a serious injury for runners. These fractures occur due to repetitive stress to the bone, which results in a fracture developing. This injury can take months to heal, which means no running or major activity for the damaged foot at all. The following mistakes can make the damage worse and slow healing. #1: Ignoring persistent pain Unlike other running injuries, which may come and go or vary in intensity, stress fractures are relatively persistent and the pain steadily increases as the fracture becomes more serious. Read More 

Coping With Heel Spurs When Hiking

For those that love to hike, a heel spur can put a definite damper on your plans. These small bony protrusions form on the underside of the heel as a result of calcium deposits. Repeated stress to the area is the likely culprit, which is why they can plague hikers and outdoor enthusiasts that spend a lot of time on their feet. The following can help you avoid bone spurs, as well as provide some relief if you already have them. Read More